The New York State Corrections Emerald Society Inc. (NYSCES) was founded on March 17, 1999. NYSCES is registered as a nonprofit organization with the Internal Revenue Service.

There are four types of membership in the Society: Active, Associate, Social, and Honorary. Sworn Peace Officers of the NYS DOCS and of Gaelic descent join as Active members. Civilian employees of the NYS DOCS and of Gaelic descent join as Associate members. All others join as Social members. An Honorary membership is a special recognition bestowed upon an individual by the Brehon Council.

The following are the purpose for which this Association has been organized:

A. To develop a spirit of fraternity and fellowship amongst its members.

B. To encourage active participation in community activities.

C. To encourage and enhance professionalism within the Corrections profession to better serve the community.

D. To engender exemplary deportment on the part of its Correction Officers thereby creating respect and goodwill for law enforcement.

E. To provide a family oriented, social, cultural atmosphere within the Corrections community.

F. To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

G. To instill and preserve in its members the heritage of their Gaelic culture.

H. To recognize and promote the accomplishment and contributions of our ancestors and fellow Gaelic-Americans.

I. To promote a positive public sentiment towards Corrections.

J. To communicate and educate the public of the virtues and accomplishments of Corrections.

K. To develop an atmosphere in which corrections personnel and the community work together to reduce crime in and around our facilities.

L. To aid and assist worthy or needy members, which are in the best interest of the Society.

M. To promote legislation beneficial to law enforcement and corrections.


NYSCES Mission and Purpose


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